Open space, Sport and Play Task group

The Open Space Sport and Play group is currently carrying out an audit of open space, sports provision and play provision. The audit will be used to write an Open Space Strategy which will be used to guide how section 106 money allocated for sport and leisure in the parish can be spent. S106 contributions come from developers in relation to house building and are used for several things including infrastructure. The Open Space Startegy would only be used to allocate sport, play and/or  recreation money allocated to the parish.  If you’d like to contribute to this strategy, please let Kate know – email

Here’s SHDC’s OSSR strategy 2017

SHDC’s explanation of what S106 funding is and a table of S106 allocations (2017) is available from this link:

Below is the OSSR strategy approved by the Parish Council at its September meeting

 Dartington OSSR Plan –  August 2017

Consultation results re OSSR September 25th 2016 are here: 25-9-2016-event

The Earth Wrights consultation report on Play Spaces is here  Dartington Consultation Report Earth Wrights  “The aim of this consultation was to get an initial impression of the needs and desires of the Dartington community with regards to outdoor spaces in the parish, in order to feed into the neighbourhood plan. Information was gathered from the community during different consultation events on the history of play and open spaces in Dartington, how they are currently being used and where improvements are needed. Below is a summary of the input we received from members of the community. Full details can be found in the appendix.”

Below is a link to an interesting Guardian article by George Monbiot about children being robbed of play spaces:

Children in our towns and cities are being robbed of safe spaces to play

We’re plagued by joyless developments that destroy the essence of community: chances for young people to gather and play This one has pictures. I’ve published the full text on this website  here if you want to read it.


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