This section of the Plan needs a considerable amount of work doing to it. Note that missing from this page are the results of the traffic surveys that have been carried out.

The Transport group has looked at transport in the parish and used the results of previous consultations – including the 1999 Parish Appraisal, and the DCAG consultation (these can be found on the consultations page of this website) – to see what has been achieved and to ask further questions.



2 thoughts on “Transport

  1. How we can reinforce the access only for Cott Road and Barracks Hill? The volume of traffic particularly in the morning and evenings in getting dangerous because of the traffic measures on the Plymouth Road.

  2. Yes I agree, volumes and speed of traffic is a real concern and I now sadly avoid walking my children to school. Negotiating Barracks Hill on foot is an unpleasant and hazardous experience. I know other people with young families feel the same. It would benefit the whole parish if this important issue was addressed.

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