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Welcome to the Dartington Neighbourhood Plan website.

We’ve been working on our Neighbourhood Plan since January 2014 when we set up a Steering Group to oversee things.  Now we are working towards producing a final draft ready for formal consultation. Emerging Draft Version 3 was produced in January 2018 and  Emerging Draft Version 4 followed in March. Now we are making smaller modifications to this version of the Emerging Draft .

The most up to date information on this website is on the Emerging Draft page. Latest news tells you dates times and venues of meetings. The Joint Local Plan evidence base also has up to date information relevant to Dartington’s Neighbourhood Plan.

In the beginning we held community consultation days and as a result set up Task Groups to look at specific parts of the Neighbourhood Plan.  In February and March 2015 we  held more consultation events to show what Task Groups have been working on. Further consultation events were held in 2015 in July and September  and the Plan’s vision and objectives were agreed. An energy use in NP consultation event, organised with Totnes NP , was held in March 2016 and in April 2016 we held another drop-in consultation event in Dartington. September 25th 2016 saw another consultation mainly on the OSSP strategy. The most recent event was the Emerging Draft consultation where a complete emerging draft of the whole Neighbourhood Plan was on show and this took place on March 25th 2017.

The information on the Emerging Draft page includes the documents that were displayed for comments at the 25/3/17 consultation.  Emerging Draft Version 3 drafted in January 2018 and Version 4 from March 2018 are also on that page. 

The Dartington Neighbourhood Plan area covers the whole parish. Click Dartington Parish Map to see the boundary.

If you’d like to be involved in the Neighbourhood Plan, contact Kate Wilson, the Dartington NP Coordinator: dartingtonnp@gmail.com

Upcoming meetings and consultations are now being posted on the Latest News page which is the “posts” page – the most recent post is at the top.

You can also find out about how the Neighbourhood Plan started  on the Parish Council Website here

Want to get in touch?  Email dartingtonnp@gmail.com.


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